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About me

A brief about me. I am Sparsh Yadav. I did my bachelors from NIT Kurukshetra in Electronics and Communication and graduated in 2014. Post that I worked in several companies and as a freelancer. In 2019 I went for my masters in Aerospace engineering from IISc Bangalore and graduated in June 2022.

UPSC timeline

  • August 2020: Prep start
  • October 2021: Took my first Prelims
  • January 2022: First CSE mains, Could only take 5 papers, got covid in the break and had to skip remaining paper.
  • March 2022: First IFoS mains
  • June 2022: Second prelims
  • June 2022: Thesis Defense
  • June 2022: IFoS 2021 Interview (IFoS 2021 AIR 61)
  • August 2022: Forestry walking test
  • September 2022: Second CSE mains
  • April 2023: CSE Interview (CSE 2022 AIR 51)

Where to take coaching?

I did not take any coaching. However, I joined a lot of test series both for Prelims and Mains.

Test Series


  • Forum IAS Full Test Series
  • Vision IAS Abhyas only


  • Forum IAS (GS + Essay)
  • Vision IAS (Essay only)
  • Lukmaan Ethics


  • Several Mocks
  • But most helpful was the guidance by Anil Swarup sir. Met him through StudyIQ, he asked us to form groups of five and daily have discussions in the group in an interview format.

I will try to write more descriptive posts soon.

Meanwhile you can watch this talk :)