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Maths Strategy


  • Before the mains I spent most (I would say almost 90%) of my time on maths, since I felt I had a good idea on how to write GS answers.
  • While solving maths questions my aim was always to arrive at the answer without any silly mistakes. Silly mistakes cost dearly.

Resources for Mathematics

The idea was to pickup sources which were easier to read and understand.

Linear Algebra

  • Krishna Series
  • For only one particular type of question i referred to Schaum Series.


  • BS Garewal


  • Krishna Series
  • IMS Notes (Generating Lines, Paraboloids)


  • IMS Notes (IMS notes are concise compared to )

Dynamics and Statics

  • Krishna Series Dynamics
  • Krishna Series Statics

Vector Calculus

  • Krishna Series

Modern Algebra

  • Krishna Series majorly.

Real Analysis

  • Malik and Arora + ChatGPT 4 to understand some questions :)

Complex Analysis

  • Krishna Series


  • BS Grewal


  • IMS Notes

Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming

  • IMS Notes

Mechanics and Fluid Dynmaics

  • Raisignhania